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Best Deuterium Depleted Water Brands

by Saad R
best deuterium depleted water brands

Deuterium Depleted Water for drinking has become a breakthrough, and people are gradually inclining towards it, seeing the possible health benefits. Like always, we at Deuterium Free share news, information, and updates about the world of Deuterium Depleted water. And in this post, we will identify some options that may help you change your lifestyle for good. 

If you are looking for the best Deuterium Depleted Water Brands, then look no further. This post not only talks about the premium Deuterium-Depleted Water brands but also shows why you may need to add DDW to your life. 

So, read on

Top 3 Deuterium-Depleted Water Brands

So, before you have any questions to ask, here’s a brief introduction and important details about our top Deuterium-Depleted Water brands. 

deuterium depleted water brands


Qlarivia is one of the world’s most popular Deuterium Depleted Water brands today. The company started off in 1985 with a different name. At that time, the focus was on research and providing solutions. 

Soon it got merged with a technology company, which was rather a fortunate decision. Their research work and technology paid back big time with the launch of Qlarivia. The brand received massive applaud, which gave them the confidence to reach different continents.

Qlarivia has received many awards and accolades over two decades. And they have been developing their techniques based on advanced research to help people get fresher, purer water. 

Up until now, the deuterium depleted water brand has introduced two products and has partnered in developing many other DDW brands, such as Preventa. Their patent comprises:

Qlarivia Deuterium Depleted Water 25ppm 

Qlarivia’s Deuterium Depleted Water 25ppm was introduced in 2008. Back then, it was no less than a breakthrough as no other company had such advanced equipment.

Qlarivia Deuterium Depleted Water 18ppm

This is their recent launch. Qlarivia’s 18ppm Deuterium Depleted Water arrived in September 2020. To buy it, you have to visit their website and place your order.  

deuterium depleted water usa brands

ELW (Extra Light Water)

ELW or Extra Light Water is a US-based Deuterium Depleted Water brand. The company has distributors based in Alaska, Canada, and Mexico. 

Besides the Deuterium Depleted Water, Extra Light Water is also looking ahead to launch a comprehensive line of beverages featuring low-deuterium liquids in different flavors. Moreover, they’re also planning to enter the skincare market with their Deuterium-free face creams and cleansing liquids. 

Customers can opt for a subscription with which they can get saving opportunities on select products. As of now, ELW has these products.

25 HydroHealth

  • Available in 500 ml bottles and 5 gallons jugs
  • Features 25 ppm Deuterium count, with five ppm deviation

50 HydroHealth

  • Available in 500 ml bottles and 5 gallons jugs
  • It says 50, but the company has now reduced the Deuterium count down to 40 ppm


Since we are talking about the best Deuterium Depleted Water brands, we cannot overlook the pioneering brand called Preventa. It’s a Hungarian brand that has now been operating in Europe, Asia, North America, and Australia. 

In 1999, Deuterium Depleted Water – Preventa took off with two products that were meant for pharmacies and health supplement providers. Then, the expansion started as Preventa joined forces with Japan’s HYD LLC. Soon after that, the company introduced its first commercial product, Preventa 125.

Since then, Preventa never looked back. They have been adding more products to their product line and leading the best Deuterium-Depleted Water brands competition. The following is a list of Preventa’s research and development – their products. 

  • Preventa 125: Available with an orange label, this product offers 125 ppm Deuterium. 
  • Preventa 105: This one offers a 105 ppm Deuterium-count and is available with a dark blue label.
  • Preventa 85: You can recognize this product with its red label. It offers 85 ppm Deuterium.
  • Preventa 65: Comes with a green label, Preventa 65 offers 65 ppm Deuterium in a liter of water.
  • Preventa 45: This one has a purple label, and it offers 45 ppm Deuterium.
  • Preventa 25: As the name suggests, Preventa 25 offers 25 ppm Deuterium, the lowest concentration the company has been offering.
deuterium depleted water ddw brands online

Why Deuterium Depleted Water

Studies have shown how Deuterium Depleted Water can influence the cells’ cultured growth. And numerous researches over the past few years indicate that the tap water in many locations contains a higher deuterium count than your body can dissolve.  

With the water’s Deuterium concentration rising in many locations of the world, it’s high time you should take it seriously. Even if it’s not a disturbing factor for you, low deuterium count in water may just be the mood changer, keeping you fit and lively throughout the day, for a long, long time. Think about it. 

If you find our post interesting, we have many others on our Deuterium blog. 

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