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Deuterium Depleted Water Canada

by Saad R
Deuterium Depleted Water Canada

Are you looking for the best Deuterium Depleted Water Canada? Or have you heard about Deuterium Depleted Water Canada for the first time? No matter which question explains you, Deuterium Free has the solution. Here, you will learn about Deuterium Depleted Water brands, news, and studies related to the Deuterium Depleted Water. 

As the name suggests, we’re going to talk about Deuterium-Depleted Water Canada, and why you should think about it. Canada has a cold climate, and often regions far from the equator have less deuterium count in water than those located near the equator.

So, for anyone reading the phrase ‘Deuterium-Depleted Water in Canada’ for the first time, it must be quite surprising. So, we have a small comparison for all those readers. But before that, you need to know what is Deuterium Depleted Water?

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Deuterium Depleted Water

DDW or Deuterium Depleted Water is a purer version of water featuring less Deuterium count than the natural count. Well, one might be thinking nature always gives the best solutions, and any modification is unjust. 

But then, natural water is not accessible for all human beings equally. There are more people forced to live without drinkable water than those who do. 

Not only are the world’s water resources have been reducing, but the water quality has also been affected. Global warming and air pollution played a significant role in deteriorating the natural water reserves. On the other hand, natural water has shown increment in its deuterium count.

Now, let’s head to the comparison below.

A Small Comparison 

Have you ever compared the Deuterium concentration in water samples collected from different locations of the world? This post starts with the comparison, so keep reading.

But before this, keep in mind that for water to be deuterium depleted, it needs to have the Deuterium count between 1 to 120 ppm (parts per million). Moreover, on average, the normal water has 150 parts of Deuterium per million parts of water. 

With that, here’s a brief comparison of different water samples:

  • Deuterium Depleted Water Europe consists of 150 ppm Deuterium (small fluctuation may be found)
  • Canadian waters offer 130 to 140 ppm Deuterium (Natural water in northern Canada offers lesser Deuterium count)
  • Countries near the equator offer water with the highest Deuterium count, which is 155 parts per million

What do you make of all the information? That means, Deuterium depletion has become important and you may be needing more of DDW Canada, although the natural waters look quite pure. 

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Why You Need Deuterium-Depleted Water Canada?

Some people may not be aware of the fact that our body must consume whatever Deuterium it’s been supplied with. The use of D2O (Deuterium Oxide) or HDO (Protium-Deuterium Oxide) in vaccines is common and it is quite helpful. However, HDO may cause health problems if used for a regular intake. 

Our focus is on HDO, thanks to the natural water which is accessible to only one-third of the world population. The water with protium and deuterium (HDO) is what we are drinking normally, but the rise in the Deuterium count is raising concerns. 

Our bodies consume limited Deuterium, while the excess of it remains there. Like every radical, these Deuterium deposits may prove to be harmful after some time. A good solution would be to switch to products, such as Deuterium Depleted Water Canada that offer less Deuterium, allowing the body to utilize remaining from those excess deposits.   

It could benefit you by keeping you in shape. With a perfect, fit body, you’re able to fight allergens, viruses, and bacteria more readily. Furthermore, by consuming the right amount of deuterium, you’ll feel relaxed all the time.

Moreover, research on Hydrogen-rich pure water found that it may help prevent superoxide formation in brain cells, and may prove to be helpful for human beings in the future. Many other Deuterium Depleted Water studies revealed similar results.

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Deuterium-Depleted Water Canada Brands

There are many different brands offering Deuterium Depleted Water Canada, but we’re only concerned about the ones that have proven their worth. 

Brands like Qlarivia and Preventa have a good international reputation, and they are also offering Deuterium-Depleted Water Canada. You can buy DDW in different quantities and Deuterium levels.

For example, Qlarivia offers 25ppm and 18ppm Deuterium Depleted Water. On the other hand, Preventa offers 25ppm, 45 ppm, 85 ppm, 105 ppm, and 125ppm versions according to your requirements. 

Final Words

The rise in Deuterium count in the natural waters may be a risk for health. So, you need to make the right decision to ensure a healthy lifestyle. If you’re looking for the best Deuterium-Depleted Water Canada, you can choose from the brands we have listed above.

Keep coming back for more Deuterium Depleted Water Articles.   

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