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Deuterium Depleted Water (DDW)

by Saad R

Almost everyone is familiar with H2O, the formula associated with water. But what if we told you that water was more complicated than this simple formula indicates? Water primarily consists of three different isotopes, which are known as H2O, D2O, and HDO. As a result of these different isotopes, humans have high deuterium levels. But are these high deuterium levels bad for you? They certainly are if consumed for longer periods of time! So what’s the solution to these naturally high levels of deuterium in some of the sources of water that we utilize? Simple: Deuterium Depleted Water (DDW)!

Keep reading this guide on Deuterium Depleted Water to learn more about it.  

What Is Deuterium Depleted Water (DDW)?

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Often referred to as light water, deuterium depleted water is a natural and convenient solution to high deuterium levels in those of us who are exposed to higher levels of Deuterium! Deuterium Depleted Water has substantially low levels of deuterium, which is required by us to keep our bodily functions working in an optimum state.

On average, natural bodies of water have 150 parts per million of Deuterium per liter. This means that every 1 hydrogen atom out of 6000 is Deuterium. Deuterium depleted water is known to have a minimum of 15% less deuterium than the average water that is provided for drinking. Usually, the deuterium levels in deuterium depleted water are around 25-125ppm.

The Relationship Between Hydrogen and Deuterium

Many people have trouble understanding the relationship between hydrogen and deuterium. No worries, though, as we will explain to you exactly how hydrogen and deuterium are connected.

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Most people know that hydrogen is found in water but what they don’t know is that hydrogen is accompanied by an unwanted guest… deuterium! Deuterium is known to be a stable isotope of hydrogen that is about double the size of hydrogen. It is a heavy isotope that causes damage to our metabolism and our bodies. Having high levels of deuterium in your body will lead to negative health effects, so individuals have to monitor their eating and drinking habits.

Why Deuterium Is Bad for You in the Long Run

As mentioned above, high levels of deuterium lead to negative health effects. But how do these adverse health effects occur? The key to understanding that is to understand the science behind these negative impacts.

When it comes to our body, hydrogen is the basic building block. We get hydrogen from food and water, and this hydrogen is stored in the powerhouse of our cells, the mitochondria. The job of these mitochondria is to make ATP energy that we use to survive daily. In the case of deuterium, it damages the work that is being done by hydrogen by destroying the nanometers in the mitochondria. This results in negative health impacts. To avoid these, people are recommended to drink deuterium depleted water to normalize their deuterium levels. 

How Much Deuterium Depleted Water Is Good For You?

Deuterium depleted water is a powerful tool for deuterium depletion purposes. While any water under 155ppm is considered deuterium depleted water, you will want to get DDW of 125ppm or less for maximum impact.

For deuterium depletion, drink about 1 or 1.5 liters of deuterium depletion water per day and avoid drinking other liquids. Deuterium depleted water is most helpful in the following circumstances:

  • If you need your deuterium levels to be low right away
  • If you are eating foods that are high in deuterium levels
  • If your body is unable to deplete deuterium on its own (due to illness)

Why Do People Have High Deuterium Levels?

The food and the water that we drink both contribute heavily to our deuterium levels. The processed foods, synthetic supplements, and the water we drink are all high in deuterium. The result? High levels of deuterium of countless individuals in the world!

How Should People Reduce Deuterium Levels?

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The best way to reduce deuterium levels is certainly by drinking deuterium depleted water (DDW); however, fixing your diet will also help you a lot in the process! If you only continue to drink deuterium depleted water without fixing your diet, you won’t be getting the most out of your results!

Doctors have indicated that green vegetables and fruits have lower deuterium levels and are a much better alternative to eating processed foods and carbs. Combine this healthy diet with deuterium depleted water, and there is no way you can go wrong!

Deuterium Depleted Water – Summary

Not many people know this, but the Centre for Deuterium Depletion has developed a few ways to measure the deuterium levels in individuals! They developed two tests that are called ‘D-terminator’ tests, and these investigate the deuterium levels inside a person’s biological fluids and tissues.

Furthermore, doctors can make the use of technology like an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) scan to map the patterns of deuterium in an individual’s body! After seeing in which areas of the body the deuterium levels are highest, they can recommend solutions such as deuterium depleted water.

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