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Deuterium Depleted Water Production

by Saad R
Deuterium Depleted Water Production at home

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Since we mentioned buying Deuterium depleted water, many people have doubts about Deuterium depleted water production:

  • Is it truly better than normal water?
  • Are Deuterium depleted water production stages safe?

An out and out answer would be, Yes! But it would be unfair to claim that without any proof. So, let’s head to the topic of Deuterium depleted water production.

Deuterium Depleted Water Production diy

Deuterium Depleted Water: Why Should You Buy It?

Before anything, let’s quickly take a look at what Deuterium depleted water actually is. Deuterium depleted water or DDW is a pure type of water that has a lower concentration of deuterium as compared with the naturally found water on Earth. 

This is the reason why Deuterium depleted water is also renowned as light water. But this term is also used to refer to normal water as well. Now think about it: isn’t light water better? It surely is. 

Deuterium Depleted Water as Light Water

Remember, the human body relies heavily on water, and the lighter it is, the better the body. Here is why light water is preferred by many customers:

  • The body will feel light, making you more active throughout the day.
  • Deuterium depleted water has lesser contaminants and more liquid, which will help in better circulation of blood, thereby keeping you cool and calm.
  • A lighter liquid is suitable for metabolism as it goes quickly to your stomach and immune system, rendering the necessary nutrients 
can you make Deuterium Depleted Water Production

Your Body and Deuterium Consumption

Did you know that the Deuterium levels in natural water are rising? On average, the water resources feature 150 ppm Deuterium, which is beyond consumption for an average human being. This could be a threat to health.

Research says you can consume up to 125 ppm Deuterium. This much Deuterium is sufficient for building your cells and helping in many different ways. What will happen to the remaining 25ppm? It flows as excess in your body, and this may be harmful.  

This excess of Deuterium won’t be dissolved until your body consumes it, and Deuterium depleted water is the best solution for this purpose.

There are plenty of ways to convince why Deuterium depleted water may be a better option. But before you decide, you’ll definitely want to have a look at the processes involved in Deuterium depleted water production. Keep reading.

Various Methods of Deuterium Depleted Water Production

Now, let’s take you through some of the most common processes with respect to Deuterium depleted water production.  

Vacuum Distillation

This is probably the oldest known method of Deuterium depleted water production. It involves the distillation of water under reduced pressure. This enables the liquid to boil at a lower temperature than normal. Deuterium molecules boil at lower than the water’s typical boiling point, hence, evaporate, leaving behind purer particles.

Vacuum distillation is arguably the pioneer in Deuterium depleted water production. Now, other methods have been introduced.


This is rather a new method of Deuterium depleted water production. The water molecules are neutralized, followed by the separation of Deuterium. However, this method is quite expensive.

Catalytic Exchange

Catalytic exchange is normally used to label hydrocarbons, but it has now made its way to the Deuterium depleted water production as well. 

Girdler Sulfide Process 

Also known as the Geib–Spevack (GS) process, this Deuterium depleted water production process is used to produced high levels of Deuterium free water. The basic purpose it to filter out heavy water (D2O) from the natural water. 

Which Deuterium Depleted Water Production Method is More Common?

If we compare all the methods, vacuum distillation is still the most common industrial method:

  • It is cost-effective
  • The equipment is cheaper than other methods
  • The preparations and raw materials can be obtained fairly easily

Electrolysis or catalytic exchange methods are not as common. Here are the reasons:

  • You’ll get a lower concentration of Deuterium
  • The equipment is quite expensive
  • You need to have the expertise in operating these mechanisms

Still, some high-end manufacturers, advanced labs, and research centers deploy these methods.


Deuterium Depleted Water Production diy

All the processes related to the Deuterium depleted water production are safe, have no contaminants, and they offer purer and lighter water.

We hope that this post would have removed most of your concerns over Deuterium depleted water production. Keep coming for more on Deuterium Free.

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