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Deuterium-Depleted Water Studies

by Saad R
authentic deuterium depleted water studies

Most people don’t know what Deuterium depleted water is. But just like being unaware of the problem doesn’t solve it, the same is true when you’ve got a solution, and you don’t know about it. This post will share some vital deuterium depleted water studies, which might help you switch to better options in ensuring a healthy lifestyle.

But before that, let’s talk about the water that we get through taps.

deuterium depleted water studies

Regular Water May Have Increased Deuterium Levels

Would you believe if we tell you that almost two-thirds of the world’s population is deprived of pure drinking water? It’s shocking when you see the actual numbers. It’s more than 2 billion people we’re talking about. Even if the water is pure, it may have Deuterium. Deuterium is an unwanted isotope of Hydrogen that may have adverse effects on your health if consumed for longer periods of time. Thanks to the Deuterium depleted water studies, helping people to find a solution for pure drinking water.

deuterium depleted water ddw studies

The tap water comes through closed underground pipelines, and no one can be a hundred percent sure that it is free of contamination. We don’t go deep into it as most impurities are visible, and we have different ways to remove them – distillation, filtration, boiling, etc. 

What if the water appears to be crystal clear yet poses health-risks? Astonishing, isn’t it. This is where Deuterium-depleted water studies come in. You’ll definitely have some questions, so let’s find out.

Deuterium-Depleted Water Studies

The primary reason for the Deuterium-depleted water studies is the water content – Hydrogen, the lightest element in the periodic table. However, only a small percentage of people know that Hydrogen has three different isotopes:

Protium, being the one with the largest share, is found 99.99 percent. This means out of every 100 water molecules, 99.9% of them will have protium. And the remaining 0.001 percent will have Deuterium. Looks pretty convincing, but things are not as simple as they look.

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Deuterium and Its Existence

According to the Deuterium-depleted water studies, the water present under the earth’s surface is affected by temperature and pressure. The water near the equator has higher chances of deuterium content. 

Similarly, when we talk about altitudes, the further you go above the sea level, the lesser the deuterium content. This also means the water found in plains and deserts will likely have a higher deuterium content. 

This means the percentage of isotopes in water may change based on where you’re located. But what’s wrong with the higher deuterium content in the water. Let’s refer to Deuterium-depleted water studies.

Deuterium in Natural Water

The deuterium level in water is measured in mole-percent. According to the Deuterium depleted water studies, freshwater has less Deuterium than ocean water. 

Usually, the freshwater that you get in the United States has between 0.0133 and 0.0154 mole-percent Deuterium. On the other hand, ocean water has about 0.0153 – 0.0156 mole-percent. The higher it gets, the worse.

So, the question is: can you drink freshwater with a higher deuterium level? As per the Deuterium-depleted water studies, one-liter of drinkable water contains between 144 and 150 ppm (parts per million). Now, let’s find out if it is good or bad for health.

Deuterium in Regular Water

Several Deuterium depleted water studies suggest that regular water may have very high levels of Deuterium. More than what is considered safe. What’s more, when people age, their bodily functions become compromised, and so does their ability to consume Deuterium.

High levels of Deuterium may weaken your immune system, thereby making you vulnerable to various health issues. To measure exact levels of Deuterium in your particular area, you must get water samples evaluated from an authentic laboratory.

Deuterium-depleted Water 

Your body can easily consume up to 125ppm Deuterium. But if you’re aging, the dependency will increase as your body will consume less Deuterium, precisely 80ppm. What’s the solution, then?

Many Deuterium-depleted water studies recommend consuming approximately a liter of Deuterium depleted water (DDW). For a healthier and better body, you must avoid liquids that might affect your deuterium count. 

deuterium depleted water usa studies


Here’s what Deuterium depleted water studies revealed:

  • A large population is deprived of freshwater. Even the freshwater you get may have a higher deuterium count.
  • Deuterium is an isotope of Hydrogen. It exists in 0.001 percent.
  • Deuterium’s ppm in water changes with the location; on ground level or near the equator, the water will have a higher deuterium content than usual. 
  • Higher deuterium level causes health risks, body pains, stress, etc.

To reduce your body’s deuterium level, you can buy Deuterium depleted water and be Deuterium Free.

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