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DIY Deuterium Depleted Water

by Saad R
diy deuterium depleted water how to make ddw

Do you want to buy the best Deuterium depleted water in town? Are you concerned about the quality? Do you want to know the prices of Deuterium Depleted Water? At Deuterium Free, you’ll find all the answers. Keep reading this Blog for more info about DIY Deuterium Depleted Water.

Deuterium’s Rising Levels in Water: Is it a Concern?

There have been a lot of Deuterium depleted water studies of late. That’s because of the deep concern of the increase in the Deuterium content in natural water. 

While Deuterium is not as abundant as Protium (the hydrogen isotope with 99.99% presence in the universe), still there’s a gradual rise detected by scientists and geologists.

The water available on the planet had pretty low levels of Deuterium a thousand years back. But now, there has been a 10% increment, which is a concern since the earth’s exponentially growing population is already a threat to all the natural resources. It has backlashed big time.

Today, every third human on the planet is deprived of safe to drink water. This means every third person is exposed to health risks. And it is increasing. 

While it’s not the absolute solution, Deuterium Depleted Water may reduce the chances of you getting sick or catch viral diseases. If you want to learn how to make Deuterium depleted water, then this post is for you.

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How Can You Remove Deuterium From Water?

It’s good to see Deuterium Depleted Water being produced commercially. Mostly, the deuterium extraction process is used, where they store Deuterium gas for further usage. Here’s how Deuterium is separated from ocean water (or heavy water).

Remember, ocean water is a mixture of pure water and D2O.

  • Firstly, they separate D2O from natural water by means of a chemical exchange process. 
  • Secondly, the D2O undergoes an electrolysis process. As a result, Deuterium gas is obtained.

The first process is enough to obtain safe-to-drink water. This chemical exchange process can be categorized into different methods, based on the reactants used.

But did you know you can also prepare Deuterium Depleted Water at home? So, let’s head to the basics of DIY DDW.  

diy light water ddw

Deuterium Depleted Water DIY

Yes, Deuterium Depleted Water DIY is a possibility. But before you start, confirm two things:

  • The Deuterium PPM in the water (before processing)
  • The level of Deuterium in the water you want to achieve.

The process can take longer based on higher Deuterium concentration in the existing water. It further stretches to meet the desired level of Deuterium.

Deuterium is a heavier hydrogen isotope. It freezes earlier than Protium. While a pure H2O has a freezing point of 32 Fahrenheit, D2O freezes at 38 Fahrenheit. There you go.

The Deuterium Depleted Water DIY can be obtained by freezing small chunks of water above the actual freezing point of water. When the D2O turns into crystals, you can filter them out and get purer water. 

You can also reverse the process. You can do so by fractional distillation, separating pure water molecules out of D2O.

However, both methods require time and money. You may need a high amount of electricity or gas. Moreover, keep in mind that the extraction process is quite slow. To quicken up the process and remove other impurities, you’re going to need separate equipment and water cleaning chemicals as well.

Is Deuterium Depleted Water DIY Cost-efficient?

So, DIY DDW is something not recommended unless you’re able to store a large amount of water and are prepared to spend a long, long time waiting. 

Moreover, the cost of preparing DIY Deuterium Depleted Water varies with your requirements.

  • How much Deuterium is present in the existing water? You need to measure it first.
  • How much of the Deuterium in water do you want to achieve? Water with Deuterium at or below 125ppm is considered safe for drinking. The more you crystalize, the better.
diy deuterium depleted water how to make


DIY Deuterium Depleted Water is a possibility; however, it’s quite expensive. You need to invest in pricey equipment and bear a high variable cost of chemicals as well. On top of that, the place where you apply the processes need to be spacious and kept clean.

Considering your demands for Deuterium depleted water, the cost of preparing it would be much higher than the cost of purchasing a ready-made brand. The Deuterium Depleted Water 25ppm available in the market may seem expensive, but when you look at the benefits, it’s worth an investment.

At Deuterium Free, you can find every information you need to know about Deuterium Depleted Water. You can learn how and why the Deuterium Depleted Water may help you improve your lifestyle. 

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