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by Saad R

Deuterium Depletion is not a new concept. Rather, scientists know about it for a long time now. However, it has just recently gone mainstream after several scientific studies went viral. Today, a big number of people want to Get Deuterium Depleted Water and are also willing to pay the top dollar for it.

But with that, many people are still exploring and discovering the concept of Deuterium Depletion. If you are among those people, this is the right place for you.

In this article, we discuss all the reasons why you should get deuterium depleted water. But before we get to that, let us take a look at some basics.

What is Deuterium Depletion?

If you studied chemistry in high school, you may remember that Hydrogen could have two stable isotopes. One is Protium (the normal hydrogen as we know it with one proton). The other one is Deuterium, which contains a neutron alongside the proton.

As a result of this, Deuterium has double the atomic mass of Protium. Hence, you can also refer to Deuterium as heavy hydrogen.

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According to scientists, most of the deuterium in the universe came from the big bang. Since Deuterium can fit into all chemical reactions involving regular Hydrogen atoms, it often makes its way into the water cycle resulting in heavy water.

It does this by substituting the Protium present in the water molecules, to make something called Deuterium Oxide (heavy water). Of course, you would not know the difference between regular water and heavy water since they both look at the same on the macro scale.

However, the differences only lie on the microscale and the way both of these types of water interact with the human body.

Now, Deuterium Depletion is simply a process in which the Deuterium present in the water molecules is replaced with Protium (the better form of water). One major reason why so many people buy deuterium depleted water is that it does not affect the body negatively as heavy water does.

More About Deuterium

Before you go and buy Deuterium Depleted Water from our store, let us get some more insights into it. After all, it is extremely important to learn facts and to make informed decisions when buying.

According to scientists, for every 6420 atoms of Hydrogen I the ocean, there is one Deuterium atom. Hence, we can say that Deuterium concentration in water can be around 150-160 ppm (parts per million). We can also express the same as 0.000156 percent.

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Though, this percentage reduces with elevation. Furthermore, the further you go from the equator, the concentration of heavy water can reduce significantly because of changes in the water cycle.

So, distance from the ocean significantly affects the concentration of Deuterium in the water. Now that you know everything you should about Deuterium, you may want to purchase Deuterium Depleted Water.

Let’s see why.

Why Should You Have Deuterium Depleted Water?

Deuterium Depleted Water is scientifically proven to improve the functionality of the body. You see, every organ in the human body requires water molecules to survive.

When we drink water, most of it passes down into the small intestine from where it enters our bloodstream, and cell membranes. From there, the water goes throughout our body, hydrating different parts.

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Hydration of the entire body is extremely vital for proper functioning. However, Deuterium often interferes with the body functions and hence, heavy water is not ideal for drinking purposes (even though it exists naturally).

Our bodies evolved to naturally rely on light water since its concentration is far more than Deuterium. And this is the main reason why people buy Deuterium Depleted Water.

Scientific studies have shown that Deuterium Depleted Water can significantly enhance the body’s functions. This can in turn bring a lot of improvement in your life. Hence, you may see many athletes and scientists endorsing Deuterium Depleted Water.

How is Deuterium Depleted Water Made?

There are many ways to make Deuterium Depleted Water. The process simply involves the removal of hard water molecules so that their concentration in the water goes below an acceptable threshold.

Well on the industrial level, distillation is the most used method. However, apart from that, there are many other technologies including electrolysis, desalination of seawater, catalytic exchange, and Girdler Sulfide process.

With that, scientists further continue to study and explore more efficient methods for deuterium depletion.

Now, you know everything about Deuterium Depletion that you should. So, you’re free to go and get Deuterium Depleted Water from our store, right away!

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