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How Is Deuterium Depleted Water Made?

by Saad R

It has long been known that the tap-water available in different regions is no longer safe to drink. This is because of many impurities present in the water, one of them being Deuterium. This is why countless people around the world are demanding Deuterium depleted water and looking for answers to ‘How is Deuterium depleted water made’?

Luckily for these people, the market of Deuterium depleted water has expanded significantly over the past decade, and today, people can find Deuterium depleted water available with quite a few vendors. One such vendor is us right here at Deuterium-Free, and along-with providing the best Deuterium depleted water in the business, we also provide our customers with tons of information on Deuterium! Today’s article will be focusing on the making of Deuterium depleted water.

The Discovery of Deuterium and Deuterium Depleted Water


Before we get into making Deuterium depleted water, let’s discuss how the world came to know of Deuterium and Deuterium depleted water. The credit for Deuterium’s discovery goes to an American chemist by the name of Harold C. Urray in 1939.

After several years and countless experiments, an individual named V.M. Muhachev at Tomsk University proved to his colleagues that even a small dose of Deuterium could distort the chemistry of hydrogen bonding and inhibit sub-molecular processes.

This discovery has led to the creation of the healthy Deuterium depleted water that we can find available in the market today.

The Science Behind Deuterium Depleted Water

It’s always important to understand the science behind something if you wish to understand it completely. To understand Deuterium depleted water and how Deuterium depleted water is made, first, let’s talk a little about Hydrogen.

The basic building block for all of our body’s processes is Hydrogen. We get Hydrogen from the food we eat and the water we drink, and it ends up in the powerhouses of our cells, the mitochondria. Deuterium, on the other hand, is regarded as Hydrogen’s evil twin. Almost twice in size and weight compared to Hydrogen, large amounts of Deuterium can destroy the nanometers in your mitochondria. This slows down the production of your ATP (Adenosine triphosphate, energy-carrying molecule found in the cells of all living things) energy and results in negative impacts on your health.

Is Deuterium Depleted Water Naturally Available?

Sadly, it is impossible to find Deuterium depleted water in natural water bodies on Earth. Natural bodies of water possess different concentrations of Deuterium. The closest to Deuterium depleted water you can get naturally is by obtaining the water from the snow and ice in Antarctica.

In chemical terms, water predominantly consists of three molecules, referred to as H2O, HDO, and D2O. On average, all natural water bodies have 150 parts per million of Deuterium per liter, so every 1 hydrogen atom out of 6000 is Deuterium. The Deuterium levels in Deuterium Depleted water are around 25-125ppm.

Can You Measure Your Deuterium Levels?

Those of you who want to buy Deuterium depleted water should first ensure that they measure their Deuterium levels to see how much DDW they need to drink. The Centre for Deuterium Depletion, the brainchild of Doctors T. Que Collins, Anne Cooper, Gabor Somlyai & Laszlo Boros, has developed a few ways to measure deuterium levels in individuals. 

They have developed two unique ‘D-terminator’ diagnostic tests to investigate deuterium levels in an individual’s tissues and biological fluids. Using these tests, the doctors can determine where the most Deuterium exists in your body and recommend ways to decrease these high Deuterium levels. The best solution that is commonly recommended? Deuterium depleted water!

Making of Deuterium Depleted Water

Let’s get to the point then, shall we? Countless individuals make the mistake of thinking that the Deuterium depleted water machine effortlessly makes DDW and pumps it out to be stored in bottles and sold to consumers. However, that’s not the case.

These machines do exist, however, our experts have to handle them with care and manage and control each step of the process. The steps we follow are:

  • Let the water evaporate and let the steam run through a column.
  •  The column has a specific composition, helping it to remove certain impurities.
  • Let the water condense in the column.
  • At the bottom, the Deuterium depleted water gets collected in a container.

Those who are wondering ‘How is Deuterium depleted water made?’ should know that there are other methods that can be used as well, and they are:

  • Electrolysis
  • Desalination
  • Girdler and sulfide process
  • Catalytic exchange

Deuterium-Free: The Best Place to Buy Deuterium Depleted Water

Now that you know all about ‘How is Deuterium depleted water made?’, why not find out where you can buy some of the best Deuterium depleted water available? Luckily for you, we at Deuterium-Free provide some of the lowest levels of DDW in the whole market!

We manufacture our water using some of the best quality standards, and it can replace your normal water without any issues. Drinking our water will provide you with the long-term benefits of low Deuterium levels so, why the wait? Get Deuterium depleted water from us now!

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