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How is Deuterium Depleted Water Made?

by Saad R
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Scientists are constantly struggling to find new and more efficient ways to make Deuterium Depleted Water (DDW). While some of these methods are quite suitable on the lab scale, they need more improvements before they can be employed on the industrial level. So, how is Deuterium Depleted Water made currently?

Well, several processes are currently employed in the industries. Before we get into the technical details of these processes, let us discuss the basics of Deuterium and Deuterium Depleted Water.

how to make deuterium depleted water at home

What is Deuterium?

You must have studied in high school chemistry that Hydrogen has two stable isotopes. These are Protium and Deuterium. So, when we talk about Deuterium, we referred to this second isotope of Hydrogen.

Where on one hand, Protium consists of a single proton in its Nucleus, Deuterium consists of a Proton and a Neutron. Since the mass of the electron is way too small to be included in the calculations, Deuterium approximately has double the mass of a regular Hydrogen atom (protium).

Now, the number of Deuterium atoms in our universe is naturally much lesser than Protium. And most of these were created at the time of the Big Bang (the beginning of the universe).

This Deuterium can fit into all physical and chemical reactions that involve regular Hydrogen atoms. Hence, it can also show up in our bodies. Luckily though, our bodies have a natural mechanism that helps us get rid of the excess Deuterium.

However, these natural processes occur slowly. In case the amount of Deuterium that goes in the body is greater than what the body can get rid of in a given them, it leads to a build-up. And this can have detrimental effects on health. 

Based on several studies, Deuterium’s build-up in the body can lead to issues like early aging, fatigue, dizziness, and other health complications in the long run.

Deuterium Depleted Water on Industrial Scale

Deuterium depleted water is like regular water, but it contains as little as 40 parts per million Deuterium. In comparison, tap water may contain anywhere in-between 150-180 parts per million Deuterium depending on where you live. 

Many curious-minded people ask though, that how to make deuterium depleted water after all?

Well, as we mentioned earlier, there are many ways to achieve a lower concentration of Deuterium. Typically, most sellers of Deuterium Depleted Water make use of a Deuterium Depleted Water Machine.

Most machines that make Deuterium Depleted Water use a distillation process. In this process, the water first boils off, leaving the impurities behind. Then, the steam passes through a condensation column and finally gets converted back into the water.

Then the water is collected in a separate container. Though note that this is a simplified version of the entire process. There are many complexities involved in this procedure, and all that adds up in the cost of Deuterium Depleted Water.

how to make deuterium depleted water

Deuterium Depleted Water on Lab Scale

Typically, the results produced in the lab are much better. Now you might wonder, how to make deuterium depleted water on the lab-scale?

In labs, scientists and researchers often use processes such as a catalytic exchange. While such processes result in a lower concentration of deuterium, they are often not practical on the industrial level. 

Firstly, the cost of catalytic exchange is higher as compared to distillation processes. And at the same time, the resulting water is too little in quantity. So, when we match the costs with the amount of product obtained, it simply is not feasible for the sellers.

Though, even good distillation processes can produce water with a sufficiently low concentration of deuterium. It simply depends on the sellers. If you get deuterium depleted water from a well-reputed place, you will certainly get the top product.

How to buy the DDW?

Now that you have an answer for your question, ‘how is deuterium depleted water made?’, you may wonder, where to buy Deuterium depleted water DDW? If you look around in your area, you can find plenty of DDW sellers. Though, the best way is to find a seller via the internet. When you do that, always choose the one that has the highest rating and a decent online store/website.

Sellers that have a good online presence are typically more serious about their businesses. As a result of this, their products also tend to be of decent quality.

After you find a suitable store, just check their products out and place an order either via the internet or through the phone (whichever method is available). But do note that DDW is supposed to be slightly more expensive as compared to regular water due to the technical effort and skill that goes into its production.

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