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Is Distilled Water Deuterium Depleted or Not?

by Saad R
Is Distilled Water Deuterium Depleted or not ddw

People often ask: is distilled water Deuterium depleted or not? If you belong to the same group, this is where you get all the answers. At Deuterium Free, we provide our customers with all the latest information regarding Deuterium depleted water, courtesy, our Deuterium depleted water articles. In this post, we’ll get to the root of the discussion: is distilled water Deuterium depleted or not.

Over the past few years, Deuterium Depleted Water has been making headlines worldwide. Whether morning shows, health forums, podcasts, social media posts, you’ll find industries’ top celebrities and power magnets talking about health consciousness. And on many occasions, the discussions include Deuterium depleted water and its importance in bringing your life back to normal. 

On the face of it, these celebrities and influencers have educated millions of people about Deuterium depleted water. As a result, we’re witnessing a butterfly effect – now millions of people are showing interest in this commodity, with most of them becoming regular customers, and many thinking about adding it to their diet plans.

We know that the switch from tap water to DDW is not easy. There will be hundreds of doubts and concerns. Apart from the basic questions like what is Deuterium depleted water, there is one major concern among people: Is distilled water Deuterium depleted, or is it a different thing altogether?

We’re going to talk about it in this post. Keep reading.

Is Distilled Water Deuterium Depleted or not buy ddw

Is Distilled Water Deuterium Depleted or Not?

Well then, let’s answer the big question. Is distilled water Deuterium depleted – or is it the same? Well, it can be but not all DDW is distilled water! Countless methods are used to create DDW and distillation is only one of those various methods. But you’ve got to understand the basic difference – one is a process while the other is the product.

Distillation vs Distilled Water

So, is distilled water Deuterium depleted or not? The reason why people ask this question – or similar questions – is that the distillation process is one of the most popular ways to create DDW.

However, this process aims at producing a large amount of Deuterium depleted water – and that, of the highest quality. But this is not the only method, as many vendors in the industry prefer other methods, such as utilizing a Deuterium depleted water machine.

Is Distilled Water Deuterium Depleted or Not? Not Entirely

An out-and-out answer to this question would be No, it’s not. Why is it so? Allow us to explain.

In the preparation of distilled water, around 99.9% of the radicals and impurities leave the water, making it purer. It even removes pesticides and bacteria from the water, getting rid of water-borne diseases. However, this process does not necessarily guarantee the removal or lowering of Deuterium concentration in water.

That said, many experts prepare Deuterium depleted water through distillation, but there is a difference in the later stages. After distillation, the water undergoes fractional distillation to remove the vapors of heavy water (with Deuterium content).

You can also say that the process is the same, but the resulting water is different. So, now, we hope that you have got the answer to your question, ‘is distilled water Deuterium Depleted or not?’

Is Distilled Water Deuterium Depleted or not

Which is Better, Distilled Water or Deuterium Depleted Water?

We hope you’ve reached the answer to the question: is distilled water Deuterium depleted or not? Now, let’s compare the two products. Which one’s better?

After distillation, the water may be free of all the contaminants and impurities. But its deuterium concentration is still questionable. Normally, customers don’t know how much Deuterium the water contains as it’s not mentioned on the label.

On the other hand, DDW is not only free from impurities but also has a lower than normal Deuterium count. This takes us to the next question, which is….

How to Measure the Deuterium Content in Your DDW

First of all, it’s not rocket science – you can find that out without too much effort. All you need to know is the presence of Deuterium in the water. One of the most common ways to find that out is by looking at the ppm.

Ppm means parts per million. It tells you how many parts out of one million parts of water contain Deuterium. Check the label of the Deuterium depleted water bottle and go through its ingredients.

But before that, you need to know:

  • How much ppm Deuterium is there in the natural water, on average?
  • How much of it is necessary? And beyond limits?

According to the latest findings, natural water reserves around the world have 150ppm Deuterium. This is beyond the threshold if you compare your daily requirements. Under normal circumstances, your body needs Deuterium in the range of 125 – 140 ppm, so the excess of it may be harmful.

Don’t worry, as all Deuterium depleted water brands offer a lower Deuterium count. Here are the DDW variants based on their Deuterium count:

  • 18ppm
  • 25ppm
  • 50ppm
  • 85ppm
  • 105ppm
  • 125ppm

Final Words

So, is distilled water Deuterium depleted or not? Not until it says so. DDW bottles give this basic information via their labels, so you can pick and choose according to your requirements.

We hope this post must have removed your doubts and helped you make up your mind about buying DDW. Do visit the website for more updates.

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