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Recent Deuterium Depleted Water Studies

by Saad R
recent deuterium depleted water studies online

Deuterium depleted water has taken the world by storm. It’s no surprise either as several recent Deuterium depleted water studies have revealed that Deuterium depleted water (DDW) leads to positive effects on your health. Many have even branded it as the key to a healthy lifestyle!

This hype behind Deuterium depleted water has caused several DDW buyers worldwide to want to learn everything related to DDW. And what better place to do this than right here at Deuterium Free? We offer our buyers a detailed blog section that discusses all the latest updates in the DDW world. Today, we’re going to talk about recent Deuterium depleted water studies!

Deuterium Background

Let’s talk a little about Deuterium’s background before diving deep into Deuterium depleted water studies. The need for Deuterium depleted water exists because of high Deuterium concentrations in natural bodies of water.

This has led to humans having higher Deuterium concentrations than they require. Deuterium is known to be a stable Hydrogen isotope that is twice the size of a Hydrogen atom. Its existence in high concentrations causes damage to the metabolism of the human body. The solution is simple – Deuterium depleted water! 

Deuterium depleted water was the creation of Harold Urray and his companions in 1939. They did several tests on Deuterium-filled water and their ultimate creation was Deuterium depleted water for sale.

Recent Deuterium Depleted Water Studies

The DDW world has seen great progress in recent decades. This has all been down to immense success achieved by recent Deuterium depleted water studies done by scientists and individuals worldwide. These studies have revealed several factors and things that include:

What Effects Natural Deuterium Levels:

The natural Deuterium levels in water depend on the following factors:

  • Temperature
  • Altitude
  • Source
  • Latitude

What Do High Deuterium Levels Lead To?

They lead to several drawbacks that include:

These make an individual feel less energetic and don’t allow them to complete important daily tasks. How can one avoid this? By simply drinking Deuterium depleted water!

What Does Deuterium Depleted Water Target?

Another popular Deuterium depleted water study that has made the rounds on the internet regarding the areas that Deuterium depleted water targets. These areas include:

  • Immunity
  • Energy production and metabolism
  • Antioxidant protection
  • Detox pathways

These are the bodily functions that are kept in check thanks to recent Deuterium depleted water studies.

Is It Possible To Make Deuterium Depleted Water At Home?

One of the most famous Deuterium depleted water studies is regarding the manufacturing of DDW at home. Studies have revealed that while Deuterium depleted water can be made at home, the quality won’t be that great.

That’s because at home only one method can be easily used to create the Deuterium depleted water. This method is known as the partial distillation method and at home, it can only decrease a few points of Deuterium. If you choose to spend money on Deuterium depleted water manufacturing, then you can use several other methods including:

  • Electrolysis
  • Desalination
  • Catalytic exchange

The Effects of Deuterium on Different Water Temperatures:

The results of this study show the role of Deuterium in the properties of water. The two different water temperatures being looked at are 4 and 20 Degrees. At 4°C the lowest value of the kinematic viscosity (1.46 mm2/s) has been found for 96.5 ppm D/H ratio.

The data in this study provides direct evidence that density, surface tension, and viscosity anomalies of water are caused by the presence of a variable concentration of deuterium which leads to the formation of water clusters of different sizes and quantities.

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